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Smart Factory Build Specialized Company,
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Smart Factory Builder specialized company.
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Based in trust, as years go by accumulating technology.

Human beings are human.
System is system-like.

We sincerely appreciate everyone for visiting, considering, and supporting OpenControl. We have been established to supply appropriate solutions transparently according to your project needs and purpose while considering various attributes in automation fields.

We are engineering and commissioning with soft of PLCs by Siemens, Rockwell Automation (AB), Schneider, Mitubishi, Omron, LSIS, WAGO, B&R Automation which are major PLC maker and design PLC Panel, making it, and supply to the end-users.

We focus on supply and engineering with Intouch HMI/SCADA software which is the world's most advanced and award-winning HMI/SCADA software that empowers engineers to optimize human interaction with automation systems, making it number one in worldwide market share.

We have our own developed solutions, customized for various on-sites with our openWEB, openMOBILE, openSMS, and openREPORT adapting Industrial IoT in the 4th industry revolution.

We include Ignition HMI/SCADA/IIoT solution made by Inductive Automation Company in the USA. Ignition is the most powerful solution among the IIoT solution providers worldwide.

OpenControl is doing various projects in different automation areas - from consulting, planning, developing, to commissioning, offering operational excellence.

Most importantly, we make sure to satisfy our customer's needs and project purpose.

We always do our best to be the best partner, considering customer's needs and customer's convenience, always preparing for the future, as years go by, accumulating technology, and be the best in enterprise automation worldwide.